It is much more important to know
what sort of a patient has a disease
than what sort of a disease a patient has.

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Querqus Medical Centre is a group of excellent doctors and physiotherapists who are passionate about medicine and physiotherapy.

We are graduates of Łódź universities, scholarship holders of international scientific societies, constantly building our qualifications in order to treat according to the latest knowledge and techniques used around the world.

We are open to comprehensive care for the child and their parents, and even grandparents.

We want to take care of women expecting a child, along with the whole family. We want to provide support in the period before and after childbirth, and provide care for relatives – children and adults.

Querqus is a place where we provide our patients with the highest level of medical care in an environment that is visually pleasing and not reminiscent of a medical facility. The place has a climate unprecedented in the region and most probably all over Poland.

We deal with complicated pregnancies, i.e. those during which the care of a specialist other than an obstetrician is necessary (including a vascular surgeon, diabetologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, cardiologist, internist, nephrologist, neurologist, orthopedist, or radiologist). A comprehensive approach is our goal. After birth, we will take care of the child (orthopedist, pediatric surgeon, neonatologist, pediatrician, cardiologist, and physiotherapist) as well as check, diagnose, and take care of the grandparents so that they can enjoy their growing family.

Błażej Pruszczyński

As part of an appointment at Querqus Medical Centre we’ll examine the physical state of the patient, paying attention to their condition and mental well-being. We treat the person, not the disease.

The mission of Querqus Medical Centre is to provide the highest quality evidence-based care (EBM).

Our goal is to co-create healthcare based on experience, clinical practice, EBM and education. Cooperation with you (as our patient) has a measurable effect, which consists of good cooperation, our knowledge, your understanding, and this as a whole, is to be adapted to the capabilities of a given person.

Our vision.

Our dream is to become one of the reference medical centers in the Łódź Voivodeship, as well as in Poland. To make this dream come true, we implement innovative medical technologies, cooperate with experts in various fields, the best manufacturers of medical equipment, clinical centers and hospitals.

Our action philosophy

Our priority is to achieve and maintain the highest quality medical care in the field of, among others: orthopedics, physiotherapy, cardiology, neonatology and paediatrics, diabetology, vascular surgery, neurology and radiology.

We provide a wide range of medical services for children and adults. We meet the expectations of our patients by offering comprehensive medical care, carried out in comfortable conditions in a timely manner.

We work with specialists in various medical fields. We work with specialists in the country and abroad, thanks to which we share our acquired knowledge to co-create a medical care system in which the patient is the priority.

We organize expert teleconferences to determine the best treatment plan for our patients. In our daily work we use the latest medical advancements. We work on the most modern equipment that allows us to diagnose patients even better and faster.

We motivate the team to continuously pursue theoretical and practical training.

Querqus services


At Querqus Medical Centre, we deal with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and heart defects. In our clinic doctors perform ultrasounds of the heart and ECGs.

In our medical center, we provide care after myocardial infarctions, support rehabilitation, and help patients with lifestyle changes.


At Querqus Medical Center, we diagnose congenital and acquired limb defects, conduct treatment and rehabilitation of bone fractures, advise on the treatment of the consequences of injuries and post-traumatic changes in locomotor system. During the appointment, we can perform ultrasound examinations of the joints or soft tissues.

We cooperate with an X-ray laboratory that performs high-level X-ray examinations.

Internal Medicine

At Querqus Medical Center we deal with the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases – the care of an internist. In our center we perform ECG tests and, if necessary, we will refer you to do laboratory tests, which you can perform at 12 ALAB Laboratories available in Łódź.

Our doctors utilize imaging diagnostics available on site (USG) or nearby (X-ray).


At Querqus Medical Center we deal with the treatment of diabetes and its complications. During the visit, you will receive any necessary information about the disease and diet.

Diabetes initially shows very little or no symptoms. A patient with diabetes requires laboratory and often imaging diagnostics as well as multi-specialist care.


At Querqus Medical Center we perform imaging and ultrasound examinations (USG). The radiologist can perform such examinations during the consultation. After the ultrasound is completed, the specialist will describe the examination and make a diagnosis.

Further treatment can be pursued on-site via consultation with a physician of the chosen specialty – orthopedist, diabetologist, internist (internal diseases), neurologist and others. It is possible to discuss the results of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) and dynamically visualize the result using ultrasound (USG).

Vascular surgery

At Querqus Medical Center we will diagnose your ailments within the lymphatic and blood vessels. A vascular surgery specialist will perform an ultrasound scan (USG) to get a complete picture of your case.

The examination may include the lower and upper limbs as well as the neck vessels.

Paediatrics and neonatology

At Querqus Medical Center we help children from the first days of life until they reach legal age.

During the visit our specialists in pediatrics and neonatology will perform heart ultrasound (USG), trans-gastric USG, abdominal USG and lung USG. The doctor may also perform an ECG test.


MD, PhD Krzysztof Truszkowski
MD, PhD Katarzyna Siniewicz-Luzewicz


MD Radosław Głąbicki


MD, PhD Błażej Pruszczyński
MD Magdalena Casanova-Witkowska
MD Paulina Witczak-Znamierowska


MPH Piotr Moneta
MPH Magdalena Nejman-Włodarska
MPH Michał Przybylski
MPH Marta Pietraszko


MD, PhD Krzysztof Truszkowski


MD, PhD Justyna Zamojska


MD, PhD Katarzyna Siniewicz-Luzeńczyk


Laboratory tests
ECG evaluation


MD, PhD Maja Kufelnicka-Babout


MD Joanna Gajęcka

Internal medicine

MD, PhD Małgorzata Loba

Vascular surgery

MD, PhD Michał Pająk


MD, PhD Małgorzata Chmielnicka-Pruszczyńska
MD, PhD Małgorzata Loba


MD, PhD Maria Fortak-Michalska


MD Magdalena Casanova-Witkowska
MD Paulina Witczak-Znamierowska


MPH, PhD Michał Starosta
MPH Paweł Jamróz


MD, PhD Michał Kacprzak
MD Michał Barański


MD Radosław Głąbicki

Gynecology / Obstetrics

MD, PhD Maja Kufelnicka-Babout
MD Paweł Biesiada


Laboratory tests
ECG evaluation


MD, PhD Piotr Nowak

Oncological radiotheraphy

MD, PhD Justyna Chałubińska-Fendler

Querqus team


Błażej Pruszczyński

paediatric orthopedics

Dr Pruszczyński graduated with honors from the Medical University of Lodz. A few years later he obtained the title of doctor of medical sciences, and after completing his training, the title of specialist in orthopedics and traumatology of locomotor system. He was an assistant, and is currently an assistant Professor at the Department of Orthopedics and Pediatric Orthopedics, Medical University of Lodz.

In 2002-2003 he studied at the Claude Bernard University in Lyon, France, under the Erasmus / Socrates scholarship. During his studies, he participated in scientific exchange programs (SCORE-IFMSA) at Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan, at Klinik und Poliklinik für Orthopädie in Bonn, Germany, and at the Medical University Clinical Center in Skopje, Macedonia.

He was the first Pole to complete the elite EPOS course - EFORT IC "BAT - Educational Program" Children's Orthopedics Traumatology - Vienna (2011/2012). He received a scientific scholarship from AI DuPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE, USA. He participated in the

prestigious EPOS-POSNA Traveling Fellowship in 2015.

He has completed numerous training courses and specializes in the orthopedic treatment of children, clubfoot and orthopedic and neurological diseases. Currently, he is on the board of the children's section of the Polish Orthopedic and Traumatological Society.


Maja Kufelnicka-Babout

gynecology / obstetrics /gynecological and obstetric ultrasound

The doctor is an obstetrician-gynecologist with 15 years of experience.

She graduated from the Medical University of Lodz. She studied in France at the University Claude Bernard in Lyon. She obtained a specialization in obstetrics and gynecology and a PhD degree in medical sciences under the supervision of Professor Jacek Wilczyński at the Gynecological Surgery and Oncology Clinic of the Polish Mother's Health Center Institute in Łódź, one of the largest gynecology and obstetrics hospitals in Poland.

She is in the process of specializing in perinatology, which is closely related to her interests related to the pathology of pregnancy and the desire to expand her skills in the field of fetal diagnosis and intrauterine therapy.

He currently works at the Specialist Hospital Pirogowa in Łódź (Madurowicz Center at ul. Wileńska 37), where she refers patients who are physiological and high-risk pregnancy (the hospital has the highest level of reference), as well as gynecological patients. At the Madurowicz Hospital, she assist in delivery and performs cesarean sections (for patients with indications for this type of delivery). For 15 years she has been associated with the Medical

University of Lodz, where she works as an assistant professor. The professional interests of the Doctor concern both obstetrics, with particular emphasis on pathology of pregnancy, and general gynecology. She also deals with diagnostics and treatment of problems related to getting pregnant. She performs ultrasound examinations, both for pregnancy and gynecology. She has been performing breast ultrasound for several years. Dr Kufelnica-Babout is a member of the Polish Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

She speaks fluent in English and French. She is on the list of French-speaking doctors at the French Embassy in Poland.

Courses and certificates:

- European Colposcopic Skills Certificate

- certificate of the Ultrasound Section of the Polish Gynecological Society and the international certificate of The Fetal Medicine Foundation (necessary for prenatal examinations).

- Certificates of the London Foundation of Fetal Medicine (FMF) entitling to perform prenatal tests with the calculation of the risk of chromosomal aberrations in the fetus.

- FMF genetic risk assessment certificate scan 11-13 weeks of pregnancy.

- FMF cervical evaluation certificate.

- Other certificates and courses: ultrasound examinations in Obstetrics, Ultrasound section of PTG, the use of ultrasound in Perinatology, ultrasound examinations in Gynecology, ultrasound section of PTG, the fetal heart practically, evaluation of the fetal circulatory system in ultrasound screening, ultrasound diagnosis of developmental defects and premature birth, 2D ultrasound / 3D / 4D in contemporary perinatology, pregnant woman with internal disease, prenatal ultrasound diagnostics of heart defects, ultrasound of the mammary gland, breastfeeding - standard in perinatal care, Advances in feral echocardiography ISUOG London 2020, Coronavirus: outcomes, prediction, infection: from mother through to the neonate

And many others


Krzysztof Truszkowski

neonatology / paediatrics

In 2002 Dr Truszkowski graduated from the Medical University of Lodz with honors. He is a specialist in neonatology and paediatrics and defended his doctorate in 2007. His favorite part of medicine is caring for premature babies and newborns. He also works with children up to 18 years of age.

He gained experience at the Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Medical University of Lodz, Echocardiography Laboratory of the Pediatric Cardiology Clinic of the Medical University of Lodz, Department of Pathology and Intensive Therapy of Newborns, WSSZ im. M. Pirogowa in Łódź, among other clinics. He was the Deputy Head of the Hospital Emergency Department with the Admissions Department of USK No. 4 in Łódź.

Currently, he works at the University Women's and Newborn Health Center in Warsaw and at the L. Rydygier Medical Centre in Łódź. He has worked in newborn ambulances, which are used to transport premature babies in order to save their lives.

He completed two internships abroad: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire ‘Timone’, Marseille; Department of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, and the Center Hospitalier d'Avignon cardiology department.


Michał Kacprzak


Dr Kacprzak has been associated with cardiology from the early years of his studies. After graduating from the Medical University of Lodz, he began his specialization in the Department of Intensive Cardiac Therapy at the Sterling Hospital in Lodz. In 2013, he obtained the title of doctor of medical sciences, and in 2015 he became a specialist in the field of cardiology.

On a daily basis, he works at the Interventional Cardiology Clinic of the Central Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Łódź. His main areas of professional interest are echocardiography and care for patients requiring intensive cardiac therapy.

He has a 2nd degree individual accreditation in the field of echocardiography (EAI No. 431/2019) of the Echocardiography Section of the Polish Cardiac Society. He is the co-author of several articles in peer-reviewed cardiology journals, several review articles and chapters in the monograph "Therapy of heart failure" and the latest textbook of cardiology of the Polish Cardiac Society.


Małgorzata Chmielnicka-Pruszczyńska


In the first years after graduation, Dr Chmielnicka-Pruszczyńska practiced at the 1st Department of Internal Medicine, and then worked for many years at the Diabetology Clinic of the Medical Academy in Łódź. She has completed several internships abroad. Teaching is her second passion. She educated many generations of doctors and specialists - future diabetologists, doctors of internal and family diseases. She is happy to continue training and lecturing for them.

In recent years, she headed the Department of Internal Diseases with the sub-unit of Diabetology at the 1st City Hospital im. Sonneberga.

Diabetes has been her passion since the beginning of her career. She always approaches "internal medicine" as a field of medicine with great respect.


Małgorzata Loba

diabetology / internal diseases

Dr Loba graduated from the Medical University of Lodz in 2006. She worked at the Diabetology Clinic of the Medical University. There she did her specialization in internal medicine, and then a specialization in diabetology. Working under the supervision of outstanding professors, she

defended her doctoral thesis.

She also works as a family doctor because she likes "true internal medicine".

In the years 2004-2005 she studied at the Grange-Blanche Lyon 1 University in France, under the Erasmus / Socrates scholarship. She is fluent in two languages: French and English. She updates her knowledge on an ongoing basis by participating in symposia and training courses in Poland and abroad.

Always cheerful and smiling, she offers advice and support to patients of all ages.


Piotr Nowak


Dr Nowak graduated from the Medical University of Lodz with honors, and studied at the University of Antwerp under the Erasmus program. Then he worked in clinics and departments of internal and nephrological diseases, emergency rooms and dialysis stations in hospitals: WAM, then N. Barlicki, then. E. Sonnenberg and at the Central Teaching Hospital in Łódź.

He specialized in internal medicine and nephrology. He obtained the title of doctor of medical sciences. He is interested in the problem of inflammation in patients with chronic kidney disease. He performs kidney biopsies and ultrasound evaluations of these organs. He is inquisitive and committed to caring for patients.


Joanna Gajęcka


Absolwentka UMED Łódź w 2017r, w latach 2015-2017 była przewodniczącą Studenckiego Koła Naukowego Chirurgii Dziecięcej.

Aktualnie rezydent chirurgii dziecięcej w Klinice Chirurgii Dziecięcej CSK UMw Łodzi oraz pracownik tutejszego SOR, gdzie zajmuje się min. urazami u dzieci.

Rozwija swoje zainteresowania (szczególnie dotyczące chirurgii małoinwazyjnej – laparoskopowa), na licznych kursach i szkoleniach.

Doktor posiada certyfikat EPALS z nominacją instruktorską.


Michał Pająk

vascular surgery

Dr Pająk is currently working at the Provincial Specialist Hospital of M. Kopernika in Łódź in the Department of Vascular and General Surgery. He graduated from the Medical University of Lodz and obtained the title of doctor of medical sciences.

He obtained the title of specialist in general surgery. He is constantly striving to expand his knowledge in the field of vascular surgery. Operating and studying at the Copernicus Hospital in the Department of Vascular and General Surgery, he obtained the title of specialist in vascular

surgery. He specializes in surgical procedures performed with intravascular technique and laser treatments.


Maria Fortak-Michalska


Dr Fortak-Michalska graduated from the Medical University of Lodz in 2006. Neurology has always been her passion. She is inquisitive and very meticulous in making a diagnosis in a patient.

She worked in the Clinical Department of Neurology at SPZOZ at the University Clinical Hospital of Norbert Barlicki, where she obtained her specialization and defended her doctoral thesis.

She systematically expands her knowledge and skills by taking part in certified trainings, courses and symposia. She also conducts research.


Katarzyna Siniewicz-Luzeńczyk

pediatric pulmonology / paediatrics

Dr Siniewicz-Luzeńczyk graduated from the Medical University of Lodz in 2006. Her biggest dream was to work as a specialist in paediatrics. She has always been interested in lung diseases and allergology, which is why she started working at the Department of Paediatrics, Immunology and Nephrology of the Institute of Polish Mother's Health Center in Łódź.

She is the author of medical articles in reputable publishing houses.

She defended her doctoral dissertation summing up her experiences at the clinic. She regularly participates in courses, trainings and scientific conferences deepening her professional qualifications.


Magdalena Casanova-Witkowska

orthopedics and pediatric orthopedics

Dr Magdalena Casanova-Witkowska specializes in diseases and injuries of the knee and ankle joints, orthopedics and traumatology as well as sports injuries. In 2012, she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Lodz. From 2013 she is a resident in

orthopedics and traumatology of motor organs.

Since 2013, she is a PhD student at the Medical University of Lodz, and works at the Department of Orthopedics and Children's Orthopedics at the CSK-CKD hospital in Lodz.

In 2016, she participated in workshops on arthroscopy of the knee and shoulder (CEMED, 2016) and in ultrasound workshops of the hip joint - Graf course (Gdańsk, 2016).


Paulina Witczak-Znamierowska


Dr Witczak-Znamierowska graduates of the Medical University in Łódź in 2014. She started her residency in orthopedics and traumatology of the musculoskeletal system. SHe is mainly interested in foot surgery, pediatric orthopedics as well as diseases and injuries of the knee joint.

In 2018, she participated in the cadaver course "the latest techniques of arthroscopy of the knee joint in pediatric orthopedics", Ponseti Course - led by Jose A. Morcuende, MD, PhD (Otwock 07.2018) and in the symposium "Foot and Ankle Current Concepts" (Wrocław 10.2018).

She constantly deepens his knowledge through numerous courses and trainings.


Radosław Głąbicki


Ultrasound diagnostician with extensive experience, which he gained at the clinics of the Medical University in Łódź. He deals with ultrasound diagnostics on a daily basis but also consults the results of X-ray, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Dr Głąbicki works with his fellow doctors, thanks to whom he has clinical data that facilitate his diagnosis. On a daily basis, he works at the Central Clinical Hospital of the CKD in Łódź. He performs diagnostic tests in adults and children.


Magdalena Nejman-Włodarska

child physiotherapy

Magdalena Nejman-Włodarska is a graduate of the Faculty of Military Medicine at the Medical University of Lodz in the field of physiotherapy. She graduated in 2016 with a master's degree in physiotherapy.

Since 2016, she has been working as a physiotherapist at the Pediatric Center of the Maria Konopnicka Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz. Since 2018, she has been a lecturer at the Medical University of Łódź. She specializes in the treatment of premature babies, newborns, infants and older children.

Courses and training: therapy according to Vojta, Neurodevelopmental diagnosis and therapy of infants and older children with disorders of the nervous system. Child Development Center- Bobath, PNF 1 PNF 2, Neurodevelopmental diagnostics and rehabilitation of infants and older children.


Michał Starosta


A graduate of the Faculty of Military Medicine at the Medical University of Lodz. Wellness instructor. Physiotherapist of the Department of Neurological Rehabilitation at the Municipal Medical Center Karol Jonscher in Łódź. Assistant at the Department of Neurological Rehabilitation of the Medical University of Lodz.

Participant of numerous trainings, courses and scientific conferences. He specializes in working with patients after injuries and orthopedic procedures, with pain syndromes of the musculoskeletal system, and in neurological rehabilitation. In his work, he uses the techniques of manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, methods of re-education of the neuromuscular system, kinesiology taping, and functional training.


Łukasz Stoliński

Child physiotherapy

Physiotherapist, Dr. Łukasz Stoliński, in his daily clinical practice deals with patients, mainly children, with spinal deformities, especially with idiopathic scoliosis. He obtained the doctoral degree in health sciences on the basis of the research and defense of the doctoral dissertation entitled: "Assessment of body posture with the use of digital photography: development of a method with standards for the age of 7-10”, assessing the body posture of over 9300 Poznań children based on photographic assesment. He created norms for individual quantitative parameters assessing body posture and percentile grids for age and sex for the population of Polish children. For many years he worked and collaborated with the head of the Department of Spine Diseases and Children's Orthopedics at the Medical University of Poznań, an orthopedic doctor, prof. dr hab. med. Tomasz Kotwicki, as well as with the Rehasport Clinic from Poznań.

He is the author and co-author of many national and international research papers. In his teaching and research, he conducts trainings, webinars, and presents the results of his own and co-authors' research during national and international scientific conferences.

He is a member of the Task Force of the Committee for Rehabilitation, Physical Culture and

Social Integration of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the diagnosis and conservative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis, a member of the Scientific Committee of the International Scientific Society for Conservative Treatment of Scoliosis SOSORT, secretary of the Polish SOSORT Group and member of the Team for Physioprophylaxis of the National Chamber of Physiotherapists


Paweł Jamróz


A graduate of the Medical University of Lodz in the field of Physiotherapy. He has been working in the profession since 2009. He specializes in the treatment of various types of pain syndromes in adults. For several years he has managed to combine his passion for sports and physiotherapy with handball players from one of the handball clubs in Łódź.

He participates in many courses in the field of modern physiotherapy, including: Fascial Manipulation according to Luici Stecco, Orthopedic Medicine according to Cyriax, myofascial tapes in spine pain syndromes, therapy of myofascial trigger points, kinesiotaping.


Michał Przybylski

Child physiotherapy

A graduate of the Faculty of Military Medicine in Łódź in the field of Physiotherapy. He graduated in 2017 with a master's degree in physiotherapy.

Since 2017, he has been working as a physiotherapist at the Pediatric Center at Maria Konopnicka at the Central Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz.

Since 2018, he has been working as an assistant in the Department of Pediatric Surgery and Urology of the Medical University. As part of his work, he provides students with physiotherapy knowledge of the basics of pediatric rehabilitation. He is currently conducting research for his doctoral dissertation entitled "Evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment of stability disorders in children with posture defects using the GaliloMed S vibration platform".

He specializes in the treatment of children with foot defects and body posture defects. In his work, he uses the knowledge gained at the following courses: Functional Individual Scoliosis Therapy (FITS), Three-dimensional manual therapy of foot defects in children on the basis of neurophysiology - the Zukunft-Huber method, neurodevelopmental diagnostics and rehabilitation of infants and older children, and kinesiology taping.


Magdalena Kostusiak

MSc administration

Ms Kostusiak completed BA studies in Journalism and Social Communication, specializing in public relations at the Social Academy of Sciences in Łódź. She received her master's degree in 2017, graduating in Business Management from the University of Lodz.

She tries to look for opportunities where others cannot see them. She has co-created social media projects in the service and fashion industries.

She has also collaborated on marketing campaigns. Thanks to his extensive experience in various industries, she is able to look at the company from many aspects, and thus bring the best practices to it.

She has always liked contact with other people. She’s extremely nice with a lot of empathy and always willing to help.



+48 42 237 11 44


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Hours of operation

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